Wednesday, April 9, 2014

You hate your crib. You have slept with me since you were born - but I think it's time you slept in your crib for part of the night a few days a week. The dilemma? You hate your crib and I don't know if I believe in letting you cry it out. Sure, your cries are usually those of frustration and not fear. And sure I know you need to learn that you are safe in your crib alone and it's okay to rest. But you are still a baby, and babies want their mamas and maybe you will be more comfortable sleeping on your own when you are a little older? You need to learn to self soothe - but is it really that important for little babies to learn right away or does it just make life more convenient for parents? I don't know - and I don't know what the best plan is - but I do know it doesn't feel right in my heart to let you cry in your crib - whether you are tricking me or not.

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