Tuesday, March 18, 2014

This Boy

I am finding it incredibly difficult to blog. My baby thinks that naps are uncool and sleeping at night is becoming just as lame.

Not only that, but he enjoys being held for 18 of his 19 waking hours. No, the ergo and the sling are not acceptable; only mothers arms. Sometimes we can get away with a stroller ride around town...

Today he enjoyed an apple for about 7 minutes before deciding it was merely something to be slapped and thrown. After I finished 6 loads of laundry with baby in tow, he thought it was the right time to pee straight onto the crotch of my clean pants making it look like I, in fact, had peed my pants. He now has three teeth and his second (third?) cold. He likes playing in dirt, sucking on shower heads, mangos and strawberries, a nice looking dog, ladies, consuming Hemingway, Tolstoy and Proust, dancing to salsa, blues and reggae, and a good water bottle lid. But again... He would like everyone to know, he does not like sleeping.

Theodore Kingsley... You are something.


  1. He is sooo cute though! It was so nice seeing you and meeting your baby and your man this last weekend. Let's get together soon :)

    1. Thanks, lady! Let's do. Let me know if you are in Portland!