Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Pages: Daring Greatly

I have a reading problem. I start reading a new book before I finish the last one. I should vow to finish reading a book before I start a new one - but today is not the day for vows. 

I just cracked open Daring Greatly by Brene Brown (see her TED talks here) and I'm excited to get through it! I have this notion that I will get through it with relative speed but hat "notion" is really a fantasy in disguise. There are no more lazy Sunday's where all I do is read and watch back to back episodes of Downton Abbey. No, now I have to try and insert intentional time with a book when the rest of the house is dark or baby is mesmerized by those tags on his blankets for questionable amounts of time. 

...I do miss those lazy Sundays.

I will finish it someday soon - hopefully before I start the next. 


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